Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy busy

I have had no time for a new post. My blogging is pathetic, and I love to blog. I don't like being this busy. I keep telling Jim, something's gotta give. But, what??? We can't think of how we could possibly cut something :) I guess the best I can hope for is not to take anything else on. Someone asked me yesterday if I was singing in the Stake Conference Choir. I said, "Nope, something's gotta give" :)

Last week, Lincoln had 7 baseball games. He had a tournament over the weekend, and took 2nd place. I have pictures to post later. I really worry that the girls will starting resenting all this baseball, or start feeling neglected. They never want to go to the games, because they are "boring", so they just end up staying home. a lot. We have decided that I am going to take the girls away somewhere, soon, for a girl's weekend.

My dad taught Brooklyn how to ride a bike! Yay! The kids have, finally, started riding to school. Perfect timing, because the transmission went out in the truck, and we are down to one car for a bit. I hate dealing with the after school traffic, so I am glad they are riding now.

I feel tired. I am tired of working so hard everyday. From the second I get up in the morning, it's non-stop. I'm tired of cleaning all the time. I've worked out a laundry system, that has kept me caught up, but it seems like the house is never ending. I feel like if I slack, even one day, I get too far behind. My whole week is planned out by Sunday night, and if I don't stick to the schedule I have in my head, I start getting behind on things. And if something, not on the schedule, comes up, it throws me off in my head. I think maybe I'm going crazy :) Oh, wait, we don't say "crazy"

I am happy that it's starting to feel like Fall. I love this time of year, and I am looking forward to Conference this weekend. I just need to find time to get over to Macayo's to get some chips and salsa. Can't watch Conference without it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 13th Anniversary

We are in Newport today, without the babies. Yay! We are on the golf course, but I am just riding along today. Fun fact- I am left handed and didn't feel like bringing my clubs. I'm not very good anyway :) We are enjoying our time alone. Eating yummy food and going to the movies. And SHOPPING. Thanks to my family for holding down the fort so we can get away!
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Friday, September 10, 2010

6 months

Levi is 6 months old now. He has two teeth, and the fastest army crawl you have ever seen. He has really strong arms, because he does about 100 push-ups a day. It is hillarious to watch. He always has his tongue out. He is the sweetest thing. He always smiles when you look at him, and he loves attention (which he gets a lot of). He hardly ever fusses, either. We are so glad that we decided to add him to our family. I wish he wasn't growing up so fast, though.
Jim built me a new table for our upcoming anniversary. We have been needing one really bad. He copied a picture from West Elm, and basically, made it waaaaaaay bigger. i LOVE it!!!! And, I love my talented hubby :) Thanks for all your hard work, Jimmers!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Texting Queen

So I'm hijacking the blog again. My wife and I are trying to have some dinner. I start a new conversation with her and ask something. She doesn't respond. I look up and see this.

I thought women could multitask??
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